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National Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences

Our History


The organization had its beginnings in 1951 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with a group of talented, dedicated and energetic home economics teachers. Phyllis DePew Moeller, White Bear Lake, Minnesota, served as the first Chairman. During the 1951 meeting, 125 teachers from 16 states organized the National Association of Vocational Home Economics Teachers (NAVHET). The teachers petitioned the American Vocational Association (AVA) Executive Committee to accept the NAVHET organization as a permanent affiliate of the American Vocational Association. The organization grew out of a need for teachers to unify professionally.

The dues from 1951-1954 were 25 cents. At the 1954 convention in Los Angeles, dues were increased to 50 cents. In Atlanta, 1973, the dues were increased to $1.00 per person. In 1977 at the annual meeting in Atlantic City, the dues were increased to $3.00. In 1984, in New Orleans, the dues were increased to $6.00. Effective July 1, 1993, dues were increased to $10.00 with renewal notices sent to remind members of membership expiration.

In 1958, at a summer meeting in Buffalo, New York, the first handbook was developed. In March of 1975, the handbook was studied and developed into a draft of the bylaws to be presented at the annual meeting. During the 1977 annual meeting, the present bylaws were adopted. These bylaws were revised at the 1984 annual meeting with an additional revision made in 1994 at the Dallas Convention.

The bylaws established three purposes of the organization: to provide a method of group expression and action in dealing with problems of national importance to vocational home economics education; to provide an opportunity for an exchange of ideas and materials as well as a sharing of experiences; and to support the purposes of the American Vocational Association. NAVHET members have been among those taking bold stands and exerting influence in support of vocational home economics education in the United States and in carrying out constructive programs.

In March 1965, the Executive Committee met in a special session in St. Louis to define the procedure for electing officers. Prior to this time, the officers were selected by the state supervisors from the state where AVA met for the annual convention.

The first NAVHET insert was published in the AVA Journal in 1967. This effort reached the entire membership with one publication. A plaque for AVA Headquarters bearing each President’s name was established in 1971. In 1974, a plaque was presented to the Honorable Carl D. Perkins, Kentucky, for his support of vocational education through legislation. In 1979, the first NAVHET newsletter was printed and mailed to all members in the Home Economics Division.

With continuous growth in membership and an expanding budget, it was decided that the organization should be incorporated. NAVHET was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the state of Illinois in 1977. Another important milestone was the development of the Handbook showing a calendar of activities and committee structure. In the fall of 1985, a computer was purchased to improve membership.


At the 1994 annual convention in Dallas, the membership approved an association name change to National Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (NATFACS). The name change came about as the result of the Scottsdale, Arizona meeting concerning the status of the profession. Bylaws were revised and adapted to reflect the name change and the PRIDE Award (Public Relations in Developing Excellence) was established.

At the 1995 annual convention in Denver, the membership voted to initiate activity to hire a Treasurer for the association. After the development of a job description by the Executive Board, it was determined that the name of the position should be administrative assistant rather than treasurer since treasurer narrows the responsibilities of that person. Initiation of this position required several bylaw changes that were presented at the 1996 annual meeting, and were passed, in Cincinnati.

Bettye Brown, Bowling Green, Kentucky was elected to the position of NATFACS Administrative Assistant and began work, officially, July 1, 1997.

At the December 1998 annual convention in New Orleans, the AVA Assembly of delegates voted to change the name of the American Vocational Association (AVA) to the Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE). NATFACS materials were revised and adapted to reflect the name change.

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