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National Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences


NATFACS Awards Nomination Form


  • Champion for Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Award of Merit
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • New Professional Award
  • Pride Award


The following guidelines must be followed if the nominee is to be considered for one of the NATFACS AWARDS listed above.

  1. Nominations may be made by ACTE/NATFACS members or state career and technical associations. It is not a requirement that the nominee reside in the same state as the person or organization submitting the nomination.
  2. Nominations are limited to ONE per state per category.
  3. All nominations must be submitted on the official NATFACS AWARDS NOMINATION FORM. Failure to complete all parts of the application form as outlined will result in disqualification.
  4. Information must be completed on the computer and emailed.
  5. Award materials must be received no later than October 1st.
    Awards Form  

FCS Graduate Fellowship Application

Fellowships will be given to qualified family and consumer sciences education graduate students who are citizens of the United States to promote further education and professional development within family and consumer sciences education. (Number and value of fellowships granted is based on the previous year’s interest earned in the ACTE-Family and Consumer Sciences Graduate Fellowship account.)

Go to ACTE/FACS Web Page for more information

FCS Division Awards Nomination Form

During the ACTE Conference, the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Division recognizes and honors outstanding people who have served and supported the organization in outstanding ways. Two awards have been formally approved by the Division Policy and Planning Committee. The description and criteria for these awards is found below.

1. Recipient MUST be a member of the Family and Consumer Sciences Division.
2. Contributions to Family and Consumer Sciences and the FCS division of ACTE will be emphasized.
3. The following information must be supplied for each nominee:
     a. Record of contributions to Family and Consumer Sciences Education.
     b. Record of involvement in the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Division.
     c. Professional experience.
     d. Record of involvement in other professional organizations.
     e. Recommendations from three of the following:
          i. Someone in the State Department (Career and Technical Education Division)
          ii. A professional co-worker or fellow professional
          iii. An officer of the state Career and Technical Association
          iv. Present Employer

1. Recipients will be individuals or groups outside Family and Consumer Sciences Education, such as:
     a. U.S. Representatives or Senators
     b. Business and industry people or groups
     c. People or groups from the media
     d. Other professionals
     e. Others—unspecified
2. To be qualified, a recipient must have made significant contributions to Family and Consumer Sciences Education beyond local levels in one or more of the following areas:
     a. Service
     b. Monetary Support
     c. Other unusual or unique contributions.
3. Duration of the contribution(s) over time will be considered.
4. Detailed description of the contribution(s) must be provided. Verification and/or documentation must be provided, if requested.

Go to ACTE/FACS Web Page for more information

For questions and more information contact Suzi Beck at beck.suzi@gmail.com

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